Berthold City "Walls Of Hate"

Finished up a quick music video for Berthold City.  We shot it over the course of about 6 hours in a studio space in the valley.  Why do traditionally trained Editors make for great Directors?  They can move quickly from shot to shot editing the piece in their brain.  They can see what they'll need.  What sync issues might come up, and best of all. The know when they've got it.  Which is why we were able to shoot this under such time constraints in a limited amount of space with a bare bones crew.  Enjoy.

This Is Not A Nice Sport

Wow.  Well, it's been about 2 years since we initially shot and edited this short documentary about an amateur boxer named Cesar Rocha.  Unfortunately I ran into a bit of a problem releasing this for public consumption over the last year or so.  It's too bad, because I thought this was a pretty nice story on a young man that I've grown to know so well over the past 3 or 4 years. 

When I look back on this piece now it feels dated and old.  Mostly because my abilities have progressed over the past few years.  I wish I would've been able to feel comfortable putting this out in the world earlier.  Yet, that's the way it goes sometimes. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy this piece I did just for the passion of story telling.  We didn't make any money on this, in fact, I submitted it to about 10 film festivals, and it only got into one.  Plus I had to pay for the usage of the gym.  So, this is all about the passion for story telling. 

Hope you enjoy.

Letters On Paper

I created this piece called "Letters On Paper" over a year ago when we still lived in a 520 square foot cottage in Santa Monica California.  We were staring down some big changes to our family, the way we were living, and our how we'd relate to our work.  I haven't felt super comfortable sharing this work, but I figure if I'm uncomfortable with it, it's probably worth sharing.  I wrote this piece in a series of segments and split the film up into pieces based on those segments.  I hope you can take the time to watch them all in the order I had intended them to be consumed.  I hope you enjoy it.


Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


Mac Premo

For a week or so I've been really feeling the stress and anxiety of where I am in my head right now.  I've been feeling the weight of balancing work and life.  Balancing creativity and a need to make a living.  I've been struggling to figure out who I am and what I do around here.   Then for some reason I clicked "play" on this piece.   I found it oddly terrifying, and totally comforting at the same time.  I'm so impressed by the piece from an editorial standpoint, but really during my first viewing.  (that's right, my first).  I only really watched for content, finding that it was feeling like Mac Premo was talking to me.  Face to face, man to man.   Hope you enjoy.

My Mom's Motorcycle

Was having a minute on the couch this morning and decided to click through a few thumbnails on Vimeo to see if there was any great content that I had been missing out on because I hadn't just browsed in a while. 

I don't know what caught my eye about this.  Maybe the title, it allures to legacy, parenthood, and the relationship between generations.  Immediately I was struck with the quality of work, the dialog and the writing.  This is what I always want my short pieces to feel like.  I think it's just great when you're able to find an artist that you're on the same trajectory as.  Someone who you can look at their work, and love it because you know they're in the same space as you.

So enjoyable.  Hope you feel the same.

Generic Brand Video

2014 - 03-25 Generic Brand Video

This is one of the most clever advertisements for a stock video footage website I've ever seen.  It made me want to browse the site for footage, or contribute with my own.  This may go over the heads of some people, but if you know what a brand video is or you've seen one like this, than your part of the "inside" joke.  Happy Tuesday.  I hope you're cranking through the week.  

Ryan Tatar / 35MM Surf Photography

2014 - 03-17 Ryan Tatar

I've been following Ryan Tatar on Instagram and Twitter for a while now and have really loved some of the imagery.   Especially as I just wake up and being able to browse through the imagery he's captured of waves and wave riders really changes your mood when you wake up. Most excellently enough Korduroy TV has posted a beautiful piece on Ryan and his work using the analog medium and how he's able to capture such great shots of his "sea-tribes".  Hope you enjoy it and follow him on Instagram for updates pretty much daily.  He reminds me of another photographer who works in a completely different field, but gets his kicks out in the real world, with his lens.


Ryan Tatar Instagram:

Ryan Tatar Website:


Oil Man

Oil Man

There's not much to say about this piece.  It's beautifully shot and well put together.  They seem to have a formula set for what their work looks like at all times.  It's so nice to be able to have that look and feel already ingrained in your being especially moving forward.  This piece is put together by people with a photography background and you can tell as most of the shots have a beautiful pace and feel.  Something that seems to be a rare commodity in this day and age.  Based in the Pacific Northwest.  Where it feels like all of the really great and highly stylized content is coming from.  

Year In Review 2013 (Year of the Baby)

If you ask me, I think we had quite an amazing year.  Some of the biggest changes in my life occurred during this last year.  Honestly, this might be the first time I've ever been sad about the passing of another year.  I feel like we've really become quite an amazing unit over the past year especially with recent addition of Oliver to our family.  Clearly if you follow me on Instagram you know that this has been the year of the baby.  I am sure that it's not the most fun thing for you to look at over and over again.  However, this has been a huge transition in my life, and its been all about him.  Much like your life is about art, or puppies, or food, or photography.  My life has transitioned to becoming a father which is all encompassing and to be quite honest.  I'm super fucking proud of it and you either get that, or you don't.  No big deal. Hope you enjoy the look at our two thousand and thirteen, and we hope that you'll make it into next years "Year In Review".  Happy New Year!

Professional Typographer

Professional Typographer

This is a nice example of the future of commercial filmmaking.  This is a beautiful piece on Gemma O'Brien who is a professional typographer based in Australia.  This piece is primarily on her craft, her art, and how she see's the world.  However, the piece she is working on throughout the film is a billboard advertisement for Kirin Cider.  You don't feel that you've been advertised to, however, you subconsciously see that Kirin Cider has posted the film (on Vimeo primarily a filmmakers video sharing site). It feels very authentic as far as short documentary goes, but it is a commissioned piece by Kirin Ciders.   I love the work, the imagery is wonderful and the story is great.  The future of commercial work exists on the internet.  Not as forced advertisements to watch before you see your video on YouTube, but in beautiful orchestrated pieces loosely tied to their financing.  Nice work by the director, as well as Kirin Ciders for taking this route.


Father To Son To Son


This is a wonderful commercial piece for Stephen Kenn.  He's a furniture, bag, and accessory maker out of the Los Angeles area.  Partnered up with Process Creative and created this awesome piece about passing something down. A bag that will stand the test of time, family and relationships.  Strikes a chord being a new father, but also paired with the beautiful imagery and creativity.  Being able to tap into a man's sense of tradition and legacy.  Wonderful piece.

Cold Water Surf


If you need to waste about 8 minutes of your lonely Tuesday sitting at your computer this is a nice piece to do so with.   You don't necessarily need the music and for me it got a bit too hectic at times.  The imagery is enough to push you through.  If you need to fast forward a bit at times do so, you're able to pop in and out of this piece at will.  Some really beautiful moments caught while camping out in Iceland.  Nice piece!