Ryan Tatar / 35MM Surf Photography

2014 - 03-17 Ryan Tatar

I've been following Ryan Tatar on Instagram and Twitter for a while now and have really loved some of the imagery.   Especially as I just wake up and being able to browse through the imagery he's captured of waves and wave riders really changes your mood when you wake up. Most excellently enough Korduroy TV has posted a beautiful piece on Ryan and his work using the analog medium and how he's able to capture such great shots of his "sea-tribes".  Hope you enjoy it and follow him on Instagram for updates pretty much daily.  He reminds me of another photographer who works in a completely different field, but gets his kicks out in the real world, with his lens.


Ryan Tatar Instagram: http://instagram.com/ryantatar

Ryan Tatar Website: http://ryantatar.com