Year In Review 2013 (Year of the Baby)

If you ask me, I think we had quite an amazing year.  Some of the biggest changes in my life occurred during this last year.  Honestly, this might be the first time I've ever been sad about the passing of another year.  I feel like we've really become quite an amazing unit over the past year especially with recent addition of Oliver to our family.  Clearly if you follow me on Instagram you know that this has been the year of the baby.  I am sure that it's not the most fun thing for you to look at over and over again.  However, this has been a huge transition in my life, and its been all about him.  Much like your life is about art, or puppies, or food, or photography.  My life has transitioned to becoming a father which is all encompassing and to be quite honest.  I'm super fucking proud of it and you either get that, or you don't.  No big deal. Hope you enjoy the look at our two thousand and thirteen, and we hope that you'll make it into next years "Year In Review".  Happy New Year!