Inspiration: California. A Surfing Film

Over the last week or two when Ollie and Elliot are home with me alone we'll hit a witching hour around 5:15PM.  The boys get crazy, stop listening, and start getting into things they shouldn't be getting into.  As we roll through this transition of me staying home with two boys in the afternoon's.  We're trying to figure out what works for us and can help us have fun while we wait for mama to get home and be able to make dinner.  Recently, I've been searching YouTube and bookmarking a few surf and skate films which are "child friendly" and we've been consuming some of the extreme sporting world.  Specifically the surf film genre because they tend to have a more "zen like" approach.

I came across this thumbnail from an area of the California coastline that I know oh too well.  In fact, I've filmed that exact stretch of highway with my drone, albeit not during the super bloom.

This is a little gif from my flight over the 101  in the same area.

This is a little gif from my flight over the 101  in the same area.

 I couldn't pass up seeing what this Ventura/Santa Barbara/Carpinteria surf film had to offer so I clicked in.  To my amazement the filmmaker Jeff Chavolla is doing some incredible work.  The surf films are incredible, and even more dear to my heart.  They're all located right around the corner from where we spend a lot of time.    


John Jenkins

West Los Angeles, CA, United States