Take Flight Coffee

This is a new experience that I hadn't really known about.  I believe I bought this box of coffee at a placed called Go Get 'Em Tiger in Los Angeles.

I looked up the company and got a bit more of a backstory which really intrigued me.  At this point in my life I'm captured by small brands that have a story.  That have an experience they want to share and Take Flight is one of those kinds of brands.

Take Flight's about page contains a story about a barista from Australia.  He traveled and roasted coffee all over Europe, and helped launch many 3rd-wave coffee companies.  Through these experiences he built a network through East Africa, South America, and Central America. Then took the best of the three great contemporary roasting traditions from Australia, The Nordic's and America and created Take Flight Coffee.

Yeah... This kind of story basically wins with me.  The story continues on to the shop where the consumer can take the journey and experience all of the best that Take Flight has to offer.  For me? It specifically was this bean from Burundi called Aproco Kavuganagoma.  No, I'm not sure I can say that out loud.  The coffee is packaged beautifully, and the flavor description matches perfectly. 

I used this bean in pour over and cold brewing methods so that I could experience the bean in both iced and hot varieties.  This is a great bean, this is something I seek for when experiencing a bean.  It may be described as a light roast, but I experienced it as a medium.  It has the bright notes and beautiful flavors of a light roast, but it did not have the strong bite and almost bitter quality that can sometimes accompany a lighter roast.  For me, this kind of thing was perfect for a hot morning brew, or an afternoon iced pick-me up.  Versatile like I need my home brew to be. 

Take Flight Coffee

112 Westminster Ave,
Alhambra, CA, 91803