Four Barrel Coffee Roasters

I hadn't been to Four Barrel coffee roasters in a few years.  In fact, I hadn't been to the Bay Area in over a year and in February of 2018 I got two go twice.  Which meant a stop in at the old Four Barrel stoping grounds.  We popped in an hour before closing and BOY were they inhospitable.  That didn't bother me though.  I walked away with a cappuccino and two bags of beans to enjoy at home.  Plus they'd changed their packaging which is beautiful on the shelf and showcases different artists on different bags.

I didn't realize that their bags were biodegradable too.  You can pop them in your own personal compost pile.  (If you follow the instructions on the bottom of the bag).  Nice touch!

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Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia St,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Spearhead Coffee Roasters

I always try and stop in at the General Store when I'm rolling through Paso Robles.  They don't necessarily have a café in the spot.  However, they're always carrying some pretty interesting goods.  The most recent stop in yielded this epic bag of Spearhead Coffee.  Roasted specifically for the General Store in Paso Robles California. 

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841 12th Street
Paso Robles, CA · 93446
(805) 226 5757

Take Flight Coffee

Take Flight Coffee

This is a new experience that I hadn't really known about.  I believe I bought this box of coffee at a placed called Go Get 'Em Tiger in Los Angeles.

I looked up the company and got a bit more of a backstory which really intrigued me.  At this point in my life I'm captured by small brands that have a story.  That have an experience they want to share and Take Flight is one of those kinds of brands.

Saint Frank Coffee Roasters

I can’t remember where we were sitting, but from over my tiny cappuccino this giant “F” caught my eye.  On closer inspection I realized it was by a brand I’d heard of before called St. Frank.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this company is owned or run by someone I know personally, though honestly I’m not quite sure anymore.

The packaging is “Wow” and jumps off the shelf.  I was excited to brew a batch of St. Frank out of San Francisco at home.

A few things to note about the roast as realized from the label on the front.  This roast was called the “Las Nubes” from Honduras.  Even more intimate information tells me that it was grown by Alexi Moreno in El Cedral, Santa Barbara Honduras.  How awesome is that?  It truly brings a face to the farmer that created the first thing you drink in the morning.

This roast is “YEOWZA”.  A very light roast that almost hits you like a ton of bricks.   Usually I’m slightly offended by flavor like this, but for some reason in St. Frank’s capacity, it was wonderful.  Sure it had me bouncing off the walls making my 3 year old say “whats up with papa?”  But he wasn’t complaining when I was ready to play with him all day.

This thing is great, and hopefully some day I’d like to enjoy St. Frank in it’s natural habitat.  The city by the bay.

Saint Frank Coffee
2340 Polk Street,
San Francisco, CA 94109

Chameleon Cold Brew


At the Target near our new home they just started carrying all sorts of iced coffees including one that I'd seen around but in a variation I hadn't tried.  Chameleon Cold Brew in a Mocha variation is working really well for me right now as I try to wake up and get motivated to finish the little bits and pieces I need to do here around the house.    At a hefty 10$ a bottle you're supposed to get about 8 glasses of iced coffee out of the bottle. I'm getting about four so it's not the most economical but it's tasty.  So as for the bottles I already own, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it.  Then probably go back to something a little less tough of the pocketbook.