Santos Beans

 If you read this blog you're probably also aware that the family and I spent some time in Los Cabos Mexico this Summer.  While we were visiting we took a day drive up the coast to Todos Santos which was probably our best experience the whole trip.  We found a little 3rd-Wave spot in Todos Santos and had a cup of coffee and I couldn't pass up a bag of beans.  

These are "Santos Beans" which is roasted by a slightly larger café in the area called Cafelix.  We had a cup at both Taller 17 (in Todos Santos art district) and the Cafelix on the way home.  The coffee was great!  It could've been that we'd been drinking resort coffee all week, but I genuinely think that it was a good bean.  Luckily because I bought a bag I could bring it home and try it in my home brew methods.  Not to anyone's surprise, but it was a good bean, and not just because we were on a resort.  It genuinely was wonderful.  The thing is, I'm not sure I'd buy it and have it shipped.  But if you ever find yourself in Cabo San Lucas angry at the world because the coffee on your resort is so subpar.  Make sure you do yourself a favor, take the day trip up the coast, and enjoy yourself some Taller 17, or Cafelix who roasts the Santos Bean.


Calle Juarez #4, between Hidalgo and Marquez de Leon
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Taller 17

Calle Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 8, Centro,
Todos Santos, B.C.S., Mexico