Iron and Resin / Beacon Coffee Company


A while back for my wife gave me a pound of this blend created via partnership between Iron and Resin, and Beacon Coffee Company.  I've always loved what Iron and Resin have been doing over the past few years.  They've created a brand, aesthetic and foundation in a relatively unlikely place.  It's not in a major metropolitan area.  They've created this in Ventura California, a place with it's own special blend of perfection.  I was happy to be able to try a new roaster in Beacon Coffee company, and this delighted as expected.   I've talked a lot about Iron and Resin on the blog here, but unfortunately I haven't yet been by the shop in Ventura.  Everytime we're up visiting my mom we plan on making a side trip to stop in and see the shop, but for one reason or another we get held back well past their closing time.  Hopefully one of these day's we'll get in there, and hopefully also stop in at Beacon and have a brew.  Enjoyed it.