Sound Design

As a filmmaker / editor, I spend an extraordinary amount of time on the visual aspect of my chosen medium.  I make sure the image is lined up and beautiful.  I make sure the story is told in a clear and concise fashion, and to be completely honest.  I get exhausted by the time I'm to the audio and color portion of my process.   I came across this beautiful piece done on a sound designer and even though in my heart, I know I should NEVER skimp on the audio portion of any of my projects, it's really inspired me to step up my sound design game in more way's than one.  There is so much hard work and energy that goes into every story you watch, this one, or any of my films are no exception.  Sometimes it takes some reminding just how important each part of the process is.  There is no room for skimping on time, energy or your budge with regards to these parts of the process.  They just make your product/project even more perfect.