Paris Through Pentax

My wife had this piece sent to her by our good friend Rob Alexander this morning.  I was so pleasantly comforted when watching it.  I'm staring down two straight fourteen hour days right now and I'm trying to do my best to stay calm, relaxed and power through.  This was a great way to ease into the chair this morning.  I hope it finds you the same way.  

Side note:  I asked my wife the other day if I was truly experiencing life, when all I want to do is document it.  I couldn't help but think when watching this.  This is the way I viewed Paris.  Of course occasionally I'd look up, have an espresso and truly take in my surroundings, but really I had my face through a view finder for a lot of the trip.  If you feel so inclined, let me know what you think about an "experience" when all you want to do is create something so you can share that experience with others.  Am I living life when I feel like I'm "taking in this world from a window."? - David x Wood.