The Rescued Film Project

I'm not really one for sentimental type stuff... Wait, what the fuck am I saying?  I most certainly am.  I've been working on a project called Reassembling Marion for the past 4 or so years.  The project involves the reassembling of thoughts images, and memories centered around my Grandmother.  

So when I came across this piece on Vimeo today, it initially struck me as beautiful.  I felt like the entire video the subject was trying to explain to me why he spends so much time, money and energy on doing something so tedious.  Preach on my man, you don't have to tell me why it feels so important to you to do this kind of work.  I'm so envious of his abilities to process, develop, scan, and edit all of the images in an "in home" studio type space.  This is work that is as important as famous documentarian's like Ken Burns.  Taking imagery of any significance, and giving it a platform on which to stand.  Keep up the amazing work!!


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