The 90's era Thriller

After seeing Gone Girl back in late two thousand fourteen.  It got me thinking about some of my favorite films that it David Fincher's film reminded me of.  Not startling at all is the fact that one of my favorites from the mid-ninties was also a Fincher film starring Michael Douglass. 

The Game is the epitome of cinematic filmmaking.  The story is something everyone always wants to reference with regards to their favorite films.  In an age where big budgets, large scale computer graphics, and high budget visual effects are running popular blockbusters.  It's so nice to take a step back, and look at a film that was pretty genius for it's time.  The Game is easily one of my favorite movies.  Not because of anything more than a well crafted story with up's and down's twists and turn's and eventually a conclusion that at the time left people breathless. 


Similar to The Game, David Fincher's most recent effort Gone Girl packs some of the same punch.  Well crafted story, put together in cinematic form with ease and grace.  Allowing the viewer to be taken through a paralyzing world of heartache.  


The whole reason for my trip down memory lane was because seeing this film reminded me of the time I saw The Game, and then all of the other films of an era full of some of the best psychological thriller's.  My favorites being some of those listed below.  Maybe you'll get a chance to grab a few hours, dial up one or two of these on Netflix and enjoy what I think are some of my favorites for nostalgic and cinematic reasons.  I may be wrong... but I'm not.