Flour, Water and Yeast

I was working my way through hard drives. Cleaning out old projects, consolidating and organizing and I came across this project I had shelved a few years back. In 2016 I went down to Brea to chat with my buddy Brad Kohler about his career and passion.

During that same weekend I shot two other documentaries. “This is Not a Nice Sport” and “A Simple Story” and for whatever reason this one took a back seat. Likely for a wide range of reasons which included the audible hum from the heavy machinery in the bakery. To the oddly lit room which was more green or yellow than it was bright and white.

That being said I tried to put all of that to the side in order to be able to put something into the world rather than let it die on a hard drive.

As a plus, Brad has moved onto bigger and better things. He’s up Portland way now and he’s working at a place he loves, creating some of the most amazing breads and pastries I’ve ever seen. If you want to feel a dose of dough envy.

Take a peek at his Instagram