Berthold City

Photo: Dan Patrick

Photo: Dan Patrick

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to do such a thing.  But, I have joined a new hardcore punk outfit called Berthold City.  Honestly, it's quite a bit of fun.  My good friend Dennis reached out to me in the later half of last year and said that he was joining a band in Los Angeles and he wanted me to play too.  I said, "Sure, but I want to play bass." In an attempt to have this band be as low impact on my life as I could.  Fortunately, the group that we put together makes it quite fun.  Plus, Andrew the singer spends quite a deal of time writing, recording, and preparing for us to play.  Making this situation pretty much ideal for this time in my life.  Plus I get to get back on a stage, act a fool and release a type of creative energy that I haven't been able to tap into for a few years.

You may wonder, "What's with that name?"  Yah, I did the same thing.  It's the name of the font that was used by all of the 80's Youth Crew and Straight Edge bands.  Making it a pretty meta name, especially if you're into design as well as punk rock and hardcore.  Either way, we're having a good time playing.  We're releasing a new record at the end of this month and we'll be playing four shows on the East coast early in April.  Let me know if you want to come catch us play and say hello.

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