2017: Year In Review

This year started and ended with a bang. Like any year previous, two thousand and seventeen wasn’t without it’s inevitable disappointments.  Personally and professionally I experienced incredible triumphs and dealt with catastrophes.  Yet, the year in a whole was nothing short of large strides forward.  We traveled more this year than in the previous two or three.  We  had the chance to completely remodel our entire backyard from scratch.  We spent a lot of time outside enjoying adventures in the world that surrounds us. Elliot started preschool and we have begun the exhaustive search for Kindergarten. We have let go of the weight that has been dragging us down and tried our best to attach ourselves to situations, places and people that  make us feel good.  There is much more to take care of in the coming years, and two thousand seventeen has set us on the correct path forward. I was able to accomplish many of the creative project’s I had wanted to do this year and I want to thank those of you who have been following along on my professional and personal journey.  Although I am still trying to figure out the best way for my “Jenkins Family Stories” series to exist in the world.  I appreciate those of you who have kept up with us throughout those changes and adjustments.  I look forward to many more mutually meaningful conversations with you in the new year. 


In another post I’ll write and two establish some goals for 2018, but for now let’s look back and laugh at the last three hundred and sixty five days. 


Thank you for another year


John Jenkins and The Jenkins Family