Dear Mr. Shakespeare

I came across Dear Mr. Shakespeare in some sort of coincidence of internet click-thru's and it was the perfect place to land for me today.  

You see, for some reason today I had no energy.  I had no drive, I had no desire to do do much of anything other than what can be considered the bare minimum.  Return some emails, send some emails.  Open a project then close it.  Open another project and then leave it open while I went to make lunch, answer some emails, make coffee, and then finally stumble across this great piece of work.

I beg of you:


If you're turned off by the camera work, or the subject matter or if for some reason you hate the way this piece has been written.  Sit through it for the editorial.  Enjoy it for what it is, then think about the content, the subject matter, the way that the entire film tells a story and conveys its message simultaneously.  

I'm not a film buff.  I like stuff that moves me.  This MOVES me.  Hopefully it does the same for some of you.