Curated: The REVENANT / A World Unseen

I was just thumbing through a few of my favorite filmmakers on Vimeo.  Just seeing what they've been working on and what's been out there.  I came across this awesome piece that Elliot Rausch did on Alejandro G. Inarritu and the film The Revenant.  There's been a lot of rumors, stories, and speculation around the creation of this film.  Both from industry insiders and those on the outside looking in and it was awesome to be able to take a deeper look, however guarded it may be, at Alejandro's process.  

The Revenant was one of my favorite feature films of last year.  I believe in many of the things that Alejandro is doing in the filmmaking world.  I love his aesthetic, and his approach to story telling.  This is a long watch, but maybe you have an hour lunch today and you can sit down with your bowl of whatever, and enjoy a little story behind the story.