Seaworth Coffee Co.

Came across this Single Fin Sludge at a local Bristol Farms.  I love being able to get these different cold brew coffee's a try.  For the most part their relatively similar and really you judge everything against the greatest in Stumptown.  How does this Seaworth Coffee Companies "Single Fin Sludge" hold up?  It's wonderful and best of all, it is brewed here in California.  Based out of Costa Mesa you know that it's not traveling too far to get into your hands.  The bottle says you're able to get about 8 drinks out of each bottle of sludge, however with the way I prepare it and the amount I like to drink (a lot), I get about 4.  I cut it with a little water, some half and half and pour it over ice.  Seaworth also makes a Coconut Simple Syrup that you can purchase to add to your drink.  It's excellent, and if the price is right for you, it's something you'll want to keep on hand.  Over all, solid bottle of brew.