Four in Four

This piece was posted on VSCO Journal just recently.  It's a beautiful piece both visually and technically.  I don't like to criticize at all but my only thought is that the quick cuts never really build to something at the end of the piece.  However, this is me, a commercial editor talking.  This could be a piece for a million different brands, and with the right voice over and brand to back it.  It could easily end up as a broadcast television spot, which in my opinion trumps any sort of criticism I could have at about the piece.


Wonderfully executed and beautiful compositions help drive the piece forward.  The fact that it was colored with VSCO Film is only a sweetener and proves that VSCO can be such a powerful tool.  I can't wait until their iterations of the Look Up Table (LUT) is released and I can use their tool in my native workflow for film and video.  (This is speculation.  Make it happen VSCO.).

Enjoy your hump day.

John Jenkins

West Los Angeles, CA, United States