Artís Coffee

I had never heard of Artís until I was reading a post from an old friend about how he had designed some pour over stands that were on sale at Artís.  That being said, I still had no idea where the store front was.

On one of our trips up North to visit family we stopped off at 4th street in Berkeley and I saw Artís on the block.  It's an interesting store front, selling a lot more retail items than other storefronts.  So there is plenty of stuff to browse through.  My favorite part of Artís though, was that you pick your beans in their green state, and they flash roast a pound for you in a small air roaster.  Not sure what any coffee snob would think about that, however, I thought it was a pretty cool little feature, and I thought the beans tasted pretty great.

Go enjoy a pound:

Artís Coffee
1717B 4th Street,
Berkeley, CA 94710