#MusicMonday: Spirit Family Reunion

I'm not really sure if "Music Monday" is actually going to be a thing or not.  But let's just pretend for a minute that I've been doing it for years.  I got an email today mentioning that Spirit Family Reunion's new record will be out in a week or so.  I'm really digging these three tracks they're allowing you to preview until the actual record comes out.  


I pose these questions though.  Will I remember to download the record when it is actually released? Will they send another email reminding me to download it?  Or will I just forget to purchase it rendering this whole "pre-order" thing useless?  I hope I remember, because I'm sure this album will be my soundtrack to Spring.  Hope you'll purchase the new record, and check out their back catalog while you're at it.  There should be more talk about this group.