Giving Thanks A Month Ago

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I know it's a little late for this, being that the distance to Christmas Day can be counted in hours at this point.  However, I just wanted to share a little bit about our Thanksgiving.  We live in California where right now the temperature has dipped down to the 50's, meaning that we're all freezing here.  There are barely any heaters, and here on the west side, even air conditioning is left out.  This November however, was a different story.  We were able to spend most of our day in short sleeves, enjoying the afternoon sun in the backyard of my mothers house.  In an attempt to make life a little easier, we ordered a four person Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods, and heated it up before dinner.  We just wanted the day to be enjoyable for everyone, not just for those who didn't have to cook or clean.  We spent the time watching some football, splashing in a d.i.y. pool out back, and taking strolls to watch the train fly by on the Pacific Surfliner route.  Here are a few photo's from our stay.

John Jenkins

West Los Angeles, CA, United States