Superbowl Social Media

2014 02-05-14_SuperBowlHashtag

The Superbowl is over and all of the advertisers are checking their demographics to see what kind of reach they're multimillion dollar campaigns attracted.  However, it seems as though one thing is certain.  Everyone wants the discussion about their brand to go far beyond the big game.  Everyone wants their brands to be at the center of discussion on Instagram, Facebook and if not mostly Twitter.Being in the Advertising Post Production field I was interested in what all the end card's looked like for the Superbowl spots.  One thing is strikingly similar.  The # is alive and prevalent.  If not even built into the title of the piece making it almost subliminal that you even saw a hashtag.  Ever since the #bluredlines hashtag strewn across some pop star's music video we've been inundated with this idea that the hashtag is here to stay.  Subliminal, Overstated, or just plain absurd it seems as though the necessity for Social Media engagement goes well past of game day media buys.  It seems as though it's almost more substantial than the initial campaign itself. Especially when referencing something like Bud Light's over teased Superbowl Campaign this year.  The spots started what seemed to be months before the Superbowl.  Teasing an advertising campaign and having you check out more content on social media before the actually advertisement even aired.  Teasing a Superbowl advertisement, what a weird concept.  Though I'm sure it captivated audiences all over the country and kept them glued to their seats even between sporting action.

Social Media seems to be something that every brand needs to think, re-think, conceptualize and decide a clear path through to end result in order to keep their audience engaged and not lost in this ever changing media landscape of social media platforms.  What is cool? What is in? What is out?  (Facebook is out).   One thing is certain, no broadcast advertisement is complete without a well thought out (or not) dedicated hashtag to engage it's viewers.

Superbowl Hashtags_0021_Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.31.58 PM