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Thanksgiving Featured

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was great and you're getting all set and prepared for the onslaught of craziness that will be the Season coming straight at you.  We're all set and ready for a nice week visiting with family and friends.  However, before we get too far into that, we were just going through and editing some photo's taken during our ultra relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.  Although I got sick on Thanksgiving day and my wife spent all day cooking a nice vegetable only feast for us to enjoy.  We still both found some time to smile, relax and enjoy each other.  It felt great to have a casual holiday with no real expectations at all.  Hope yours was as nice. 20131209 IMG_256520131209 IMG_2583 20131209 IMG_2606 20131209 IMG_2630 20131209 IMG_2639 20131209 IMG_2646 20131209 IMG_2650 20131209 IMG_2686 20131209 IMG_2704 20131209 IMG_2725 20131209 IMG_2760