Kicking Horse Coffee

I happened across Kicking Horse by accident.  We were strolling down the coffee aisle at Target in Culver City and the bag caught my eye. The coffee was a little cheaper than Intelligensia's a shelf below, and I'd never heard of them, but they seemed to pride themselves on a dark roast which is not necessarily all the rage right now.  I picked up a bag and it's been a staple in our house since.  

At this point, I'm buying even larger bags and having them delivered to me via which is pretty much the most amazing thing ever head over to Amazon and try it out.  Or you can be all old fashioned and stop by.  Let me warn you though, even their own website says "Invermere is halfway between heaven and the center of the universe.  Which puts us precisely in the middle of nowhere."  If you go, take pictures, and send them to me.  Seriously.

491 Arrow Road
Ivermere Canada