Ongoing Projects

This is a list of larger projects that I've either finished or am still in the process pipeline.  I hope you'll take the time to click through a few things, see if anything is interesting to you, and then drop me a note to let me know your thoughts!


My Friends ARe Talented

The intention behind the film series was to identify, explore, and celebrate those people that directly impact our lives.  So often documentary film is seen as a vehicle for change, casting a light on subjects worlds away.  While this is an key roll of the documentary genre, we also feel it's important to celebrate those who can directly effect us as human beings.  Those close to us who have their own set of obstacles, their own challenges and ultimately their own talents.  

Only then can we truly appreciate our own struggles as we relate to those around us. We hope you enjoy our take on the world.

Poetic Resolve Project  - IMG_5414.jpg

THE Poetic Resolve

As a resolution of something to try during the course of two thousand sixteen a friend of ours wanted to memorize and learn twelve poems.  One for each month of the Year.  

We took these poems and created a collection that highlighted, not only the importance of the poems themselves, but the reasons in which they were chosen to be memorized over the course of the year.  

This was our way of honoring the commitment our close friend took in writing postcards to us every month, but also to honor the beautiful words written by these famous authors.  

Gaelyn is not a professional actor.  She is only a woman reading poems sent to her by another woman. 

Reassembling_Marion_Title Thumb.jpg

Reassembling Marion

This is my personal project of trying to bring together a collection of photo's, thoughts, and memories about the life of my late Grandmother Marion, and her husband, my Grandfather I never had the chance to meet.


Generation Legacy

This is a project around the premise of fatherhood and all of the things that come with it.  Specifically the concept of wanting to build upon the methods of your own father in order to try and give your child a more well rounded view of the world.